Narcissit? Who me?

Friday, November 2, 2012


Bricks can shatter window panes with marvelous intensity.
Those little jagged shards exploding with such poetic tendency, 
Their beauty quieter than the text upon this page
which seems no longer strong enough to quell my rage…

I hate your face and hate you hair
I hate you nearly everywhere.
You’re eyes are stupid, I hope they bleed.
You have no purpose. Serve no need.

Driving slowly, past your residence,
the world turned slow, mirroring my hesitance.
But I mustered, blustered through
threw my brick; screamed: “fuck you!”

It seems an awful waste of brick
to send a message to you, you dick.
But this action is much more legal than
to keep you bound in an unmarked van.

So I gave to you as such,
a brick with a message, saying much
As I felt it served the purpose,
to make you sick, and scared and nervous.  

Next time, perhaps you will pause
think of consequences, results, and cause
and you won’t, so callously, and with intent
not respond to that text I sent. 

1 comment:

Skipp said...

Wow, this poem moved me, It describes exactly how I felt after I broke up with my ex.