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Monday, October 10, 2011

Thankful-Thankful, Gobble-Gobble!

That's right, folks! It's turkey time! It's the one time a year when making birds out of hand shapes is completely socially acceptable, and indeed, EXPECTED! Finally, an outlet for my creative hand-juices!

I don't now who made this hand turkey- it is awfully small (you know what they say about small hands: cute little hand-turkeys!) I found it on the wall at ye' olde' ancestral home and I decided to snap a picture of it to share with everyone! I hope whoever owns the intellectual rights and copy rights to this particular phalanges-fowl doesn't get too upset that I've used it! But come on! It's the season of giving, right?

Just kidding! It's the season of giving thanks! So aside from yelling "THANKS! THANKS! FREE THANKS! GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! ONE DAY ONLY!" on every street corner in my home town, I haven decided that I would like to take the time (Hey-it's free) and share all that I am thankful for. Now, I am going to skip the parts of the list that are expected (ie. family members, food, clothing, the love and support of people around me, the kind people at Mastercard, etc. etc...) and list the things that I am thankful for that lay outside the realm of traditional thanksgiving sentiments:


Firstly, and fore-mostly, I would like to express my gratitude for a certain special someone in my life that makes all the days seem brighter and better and more special simply by existing.

My CAT! 

She is a pretty special little, tiny, furry, lady. She is smart and cute and likes to pose for photographs. All in all she is exactly like me! As you all know I am best described as a pretty, special, little, tiny, furry lady! Parallels!

Even though she lives with my parents now,  a fact that breaks my heart in two every time I think about it, we get along very well despite our sort of odd-couple, city-mouse country-mouse differences. Plus she is a cat and doesn't understand much of what I say! Ahahaha! Do I smell sitcom? Probably not.

Her name is Olive. And she is very nice. For instance she doesn't claw my face off when I do things like this:

(Ain't I pretty? I guess I am also thankful for my sort of snaggle tooth because it has what I like to call "character" and what my dentist likes to call "in need of major corrective measures") 

Now to save time, and blast through all the hilarious things I am thankful for (and because I need to out outa this house-coat and into a shower!) here is a list of those such things (hey, it's a long weekend my brain is on vay-cay!):

  • The book You're Better Than Them: A Self Esteem Guide for Dealing with the Fallout of Looking at Acquaintances' Vacation Photos on Facebook 
  • Ruffles Chips; for making sure my jeans never look really really good and thusly protecting me from all manner of sexual predators. 
  • My DVR; free from the shackles of my television schedule I imagined I would gain a social life. Instead I watch 3 times the amount. Even really terrible shows. Just cause I can. I haven't seen the sun in weeks. 
  • The fact that (and this is just an excuse to use this last picture) that no matter how crappy my life gets (again, a stretch to make the picture work) it would take like a hundred years to get this crappy: 

(Get it? This is a picture of me beside a manure pile! hahaha! Hilarious!) 


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