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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Current Obsessions

Yes, because I am obsessed with things other than myself (which is contradictory to what I just wrote in my NEW about-me page!) I have decided to keep track of the things of the moment with which I am obsessed.

Firstly, I have been VERY busy lately. This is probably the busiest time of year for me. First of all Ben And Jerry's announce a new flavor (Hilarious? No?) then the new TV season starts. In addition to watching probably 20 hours of television a week, when the premieres start rolling out, I like to sit down and catch them. Sorry, when I say catch it makes it sounds much more casual than it actually is. It is an obsession, or a dedication, that I can only imagine some people feel towards their full time jobs.

One of the best new shows (which ultimately means it will be cancelled right!) is bum-ba-da-bum: Pan-Am! 

The 60s are having their biggest moment since... well, the actual 1960s. And I have officially joined the bandwagon! What's not to love? I mean besides the racial and sexual inequalities, the societal pressures, wars and tension, and the lack of women's liberation. But doesn't everyone look just so cute in their little hats?!

But seriously for a show that's primarily set within a cylindrical flying tube it was really exciting and engaging! Or at least the pilot was (haha! That works two levels!). 

I think the reason that 60's and shows like Pan-Am and Mad Men have me hooked is because it is set in a time period I can somewhat relate to.  It is just different enough that I am intrigued and fascinated by the surroundings but not so much so that I don't know how their bathrooms work. Seriously. My sister loves a good historical drama set in England and France and feature Marie Antoinette or the Bolynn sisters and all I can think of is "What happens to their poop?" which is disgusting, totally besides the point, and really spoils the romance of the era. So typically I will steer clear from historical dramas (Much as I'd advise you to steer clear of castle bases or street gutters in the days of yester-year), but I can't get enough of the 60. 

(Just to prove I am not totally down on the gilded age (is that right? I don't know anything about period names!)  here is a totally dorky picture of me basking in the glory of Versailles. I may not know where he did his business but without a doubt Louis totes knew how to bling out a crib! (funny side story: For some reason or another I didn't get a hair cut for a long time, and my hair morphed into this really weird Dorothy Hamil-esque style. My friend and I were walking through the mall one day when she pointed out that I really needed to go get a hair cut. I said I didn't want to get one and said that even that very morning someone had said that they loved my haircut, to which she responded "Were they BLIND?!" which was a very sensible thing to say. But rather than get it cut, I took off for the fashion capital of the world where I set a hair dryer on fire, and would've done anything for haircut. Except, well... ask for one.)

What I find really interesting in these period tv shows is how often I forget that the characters do not possess the same technological advantages as my generation. You car breaks down- you don't got no cell phone! Your husband doesn't come home- he don't  got no cell phone! I mean, come on, in season 3 of Mad Men when Don came home to grab his stuff to head out for a weekend get away with his daughters teacher and he came into the house and Betty was at home and not where ever the hell she was supposed to be who didn't think "God, Don! Text that ho' and tell her you can't go!" but he couldn't and the teacher sat in the car for hours and Don couldn't come up with an excuse to go back out to the car which made it just that much more titillating! 

Secondly, there are some TV shows I devote my time to and watch religiously- not because they are good, or because I like them- but because I like some element within the show. It could be the dog, or the main actor, but more likely than not it is because of the set. A funky couch, an intriguing lamp, or a well placed tchotchke can turn a forgettable show into appointment television. Hence, why the really, quite awful show 2 Broke Girls has made it into my series recording category. 

It's a pretty simple concept to follow. A riches-to-rags blonde is forced to work with a sassy brunette, and misadventure ensues! They are going to open a cupcake store (Brunette AKA Kat Dennings can bake! How convenient!) But they have to raise the money first. So they waitress and the brunette babysits for a spoiled yuppie lady who named her twin babies Brad and Angelina (so topical!) Really, I would watch the show with the sound off and get as much enjoyment out of it but I was intrigued by the set of the yuppie, rich lady. Mainly, her wallpaper. 
(Note: I couldn't find a picture so I literally took a picture of my TV. It's a family tradition! Once, when going through my great-aunts photo album my Mother found a picture my aunt had taken of her TV featuring a just-married Wayne Gretzky! Hilarious!) 

Anyways, as you can see behind the two lead actors (and an Eames La Chaise lounger. Yeah. I did my homework) you can spy the much thought about wallpaper. It kinda makes me sick, like the parts that look like a Japanese anime character's eyes, but then I think it is colourful and fun, and thus I can't miss a single god-damn episode or I'll lose my friggin' mind! 

And, YES, since you asked- I am still single. How else would I devote so much of my time to such interesting, important matters like this. Yeesh.

Lastly, but by no mean least-ly, and because like celebrity deaths, I believe lists should always come in threes, I will pick one final obsession to share with everyone. And you didn't even have to ask! How great, and convenient, and not all all annoying! 

I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time. Actually,  I had been thinking that I would never get a tattoo for a long time, but then just as I imagine finding true love must feel like, something came along and turned all that on it's ear. At first I laughed at it, then I thought about it, then I sketched it, and then just for goofs, I measured it in comparison to parts of my body. You know, like the normal things everyone does in the beginning of a new relationship (I wouldn't know! I'm just guessing here!) Finally I've come to understand that I just can't get it out of my mind, and therefore am introducing it to all those nearest and dearest to me- that's you!

So here it is- the tattoo that I'd get if I happened along to a tattoo place (just as the mood strikes) and found I somehow had an appointment,  and somehow knew the tattoo artist enough to be comfortable, and had just won the exact cost of the tattoo in a high stakes came of Yahtzee: 

Yes, it is the international symbol for sexual vanilla, and it probably bares a too striking resemblance to myself, but I don't care. It's fun and funky and innocent and would be a life long friend to me, and would never say things like: "That's a bad idea!" or "Please don't get that!" or "What are you doing in my apartment? The door was locked! You climbed in? Are those my pants? No, I don't want to try the cookies you made for me!" like all my other friends. 

So there you go! This has been another (Or first. Whatever. Relax, Continuity Police!) exciting installment of  CURRENT OBSESSIONS!

(In case you didn't notice I totally got a new tool bar thing on my blog which makes it so much more fun to put things in bold, or italics, or even bold-italics. I am sure the novelty will wear off soon, and I can go back to writing page after page of dreary remembrances with no breaks and run on sentences and absolutely nothing to CATCH YOUR EYE!


Keri said...

Love the comments about your sister, and the picture-taking of the TV! Thank you for writing again!!! I missed you!

Cara said...

Holy crap you are hilarious!