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Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Hallows Eve

The other day it dawned on me, actually I should say that since I was reminded by a coworker, that it "Donna-ed" on me (Perfect? I think so too!) that Halloween is this Monday. How exciting! I love Halloween! I don't dress up, participate, or celebrate it, but gosh darn-it- I love Halloween!

I haven't dressed up in a costume in years. I am pretty sure the last time I dressed up I was in Grade 9, and I dressed up as a hippie (Classic!). The night before Halloween as I was getting my costume together, my hamster bit the end off my nephews finger and blood, literally, gushed, all over my room. It really set the scene for a spook-tacular Halloween, but ultimately spelled certain doom for the little fuzzball. (Who was, by all accounts, a pretty terrible pet. This was his third and final offense. He went to live outside afterwards. Where I assume he got a job hauling pine cones for an elderly squirrel who taught him to calm his anger, forgive, and carve out a nice little life for himself. And was probably not eaten by my dog. Nope. Why'd you even bring that up? Silly. That would never happen. Nope.) After that, I was too old for costumes, but interestingly enough, not to old to watch every Halloweentown movie ever made.

I did once buy a costume for a Halloween party I threw in Grade 12. I think party is a little too strong of a word to use to describe it. I had my friends over and we wore costumes, and I lit some candles, and I watched a zombie movie that I am still haunted by. So, party? Not so much. Also costume is also an incorrect word for what I was wearing. I believe, to most people, what I wore would be better described as the garb of a racist organization. I was supposed to be a ghost but it came across all wrong. The draping on the body covering was okay, but the head cap was pointed and all in all, it sent the wrong message.

This year I think I will wear the costume that I can pull off most easily: a depressed twenty-something under-achiever. After all, what can be scarier than that?

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