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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Movie Monday...

So, it's not exactly a Monday but I have a hard time keeping track of what day it is so I'm just going to go ahead and write what I want with a noticeable lack of cleverness disguised under a thin veil of alliteration.

 If you know me, or if you are good a deciphering what exactly a single, under-employed twenty-something does with his time, you know I watch a lot of movies. I watch them at night in theaters with friends, later on my laptop while alone in bed, or during the day as I sit on brother's couch. If a movie is on, I'll watch it. Sure, I could be out there experiencing the real world, but it is just so dusty out there. Plus music hardly swells, there are fewer aliens, and practically no one is wearing this year's latest runway fashions. One can understand why I would rather be a watcher. However, over many conversations with friends, over many boxes of Oreos, and many movies featuring Kate Hudson or her equally talented mother I found myself gravitating to the lives the captured on film.  Curiously though, I was not drawn to the main characters (the ones that fall in love, get the big new job, or take up the mantle of protecting Earth from invasion) instead I was drawn to the secondary characters. The ones with the zany lines, the eye-rolling wit, who often have their spine removed 30 minutes before the credits start rolling. There is something about these characters, these unrounded and not fully developed fictional beings. Is it because they so rarely face conflict? Sure, they may cry at some point to show that the main character is nurturing enough to take care of their orphaned niece and nephew, but they are mostly caused by a misunderstanding, or are given no resolution. Their problems are lesser than the leads. They don't have to diffuse the bomb, they can just sit back and make some quips. For a long time I believe I have based major facets of my personality on these characters. Characters brought to life so perfectly by the likes of Bonnie Hunt, Carrie Fisher, Kat Dennings, or Jon Favreau. Characters who don't necessarily have love interests or drive the plot but stand in the background, make the stars shine a little brighter and and are listed third and fourth under the title.

Sure, there is no one that makes a background pop like Rita Wilson or to flatter myself, John Krasinski but I have I been misguided to tie my persona to these non-gratas? What happens to these characters once the leads fall for one another? What happens when the aliens are defeated, do I go back to work at the Art Supply Store or mail room? Even worse, while the movie is still playing, what happens to these people when the camera is on the star? Do they go back to their studio apartments and make white pasta with tomato sauce? Am I in a state of suspended animation until they walk back into the coffeeshop/ office/ tree house?

Sometimes I feel that way when I am alone. I don't have a lot of rising action. Whereas the people I associate with have love lives, and work drama, vacations, and parties, I mostly hang in the background rolling my eyes (mind you I get in a funny line or two.) When there is no one around to bounce my ideas off of, rip on, or set up for a laugh-what do I do? Mostly I sit and write really annoying things for the internet.

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