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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visualization Exercise

Idyllic Day

            I wake at 6:45 and start my day with a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans. I descend the stairs from my room on the second floor and enter the kitchen – Wait, if I have already had my coffee wouldn’t I already be in the kitchen? Mayeb I should say this – I awake everyday on the second level of my home, to the sounds of birds chirping at 6:45, and firstly I descend my staircase and enter my kitchen where I make myself some coffee from freshly ground beans. –Now that sounds accurate but it seems long winded. And I suppose I don’t need all the details of my day in there. I am sure I would yawn before I go downstairs but I didn’t say that. And If I had to go the bathroom I would do that first. I wouldn’t put that off until after I had my freshly ground coffee, would I? Damn it! This is supposed to be a visualization exercise. I suppose I could just visualize NOT having to go to the bathroom. But that is hard. Probably because I have to go to the bathroom, but I can’t go because I have to finish this visualization exercise. Okay- Everyday I wake at 6:45 in the morning well rested from my eight hours of sleep. The bed I sleep in is soft and the blankets are down filled and soft and abundant, but I’m never too warm. The blankets are the perfect weight. Should the blankets be down filled? I really like the look and feel of down filled beds and blanket, but I am not sure how they are harvested from the duck? What f they are harvested from dead ducks, and then my visualization will be bringing about the deaths of hundreds of innocent ducks.  My blankets are soft and abundant and filled with synthetic down fibers that provide the same feel as regular down fibers but without the dead foul.

Okay, I think I am focusing too much on the fibers, and the order of my perfect day. I think I should be focusing more on the big picture. I need to visualize the house, and my room. My house is a large old farmhouse. Not old, like decrepit, it has had numerous updates to it’s wiring systems, plumbing as well as heating. It has a character that comes from age.  My bedroom is on the second floor and Oh yeah, and the bathrooms and kitchen have been redone; very modern, yet still traditional. My bedroom has a bay window and a window seat and I sit at the window and read most nights. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself. I am supposed to be experiencing this day in order.  The floor is wide old plank board that has been buffed but retains the original character. As I wake up, I stretch and I peak into the bathroom that has been redone with all the modern amenities. Like a steam shower, and a water closet, and double under mount sinks with granite counters. Beside the bathroom is a large walk-in closet. A walk-in closet filled with designer clothes. But I didn’t get dressed yet. I went downstairs. The floorboards were cool, but not really cold. Just a really nice refreshing kind of cool. And there were carpets everywhere. Not too many that it looked cluttered, just some on the stairs and hallways and they were all very plush and nice and warm. As I descend the stairs at 6:45 because I am not tired Maybe 6:45 is a little early. I mean I want to be awake before it is completely light outside, because I like watching the sunrise, but maybe 6:45 is a little early. I do like to sleep in. So….

As I descend the stairs at 8:00am, I am feeling rejuvenated and refreshed from my sleep. I enter my large and comfortable kitchen with has attached to it a rather large sitting area, with a TV and a little love seat and a comfy table with a bench to sit at. It is a very nice kitchen. But what would my mother think having a couch in the kitchen? Certainly there would be a mess from the food preparation and cleaning that happens in a kitchen, wouldn’t it be terrible if I got a stain on the couch. Should the couch be leather? But I don’t want to cause the death of more animals. But synthetic leather? Isn’t that tacky? Maybe I could use the hide of an already dead animal. Like that deer I hit that once. Would that be enough for a couch? I certainly don’t want to hit another one. It was terrifying. So I’ll have a fabic sofa but it will be stain resistant and I won’t get any stains on it. Besides it will be far enough away from the prep area, I won’t get anything on it.

 I eat my nutritious breakfast and watch as the sun warms the fields surrounding my home, doing away with the morning fog. The horses graze in the fields beyond and their breath is visible. Obviously I am not the one that feeds those horses. I must have a grounds keeper or something. Or maybe they belong to the neighbours but I have a close relationship with them. That sounds good. I could make friends with them and feed them all my left over carrots. Why I have an abundance of carrots, I don’t know. But, whatever.

After my breakfast of hearty and health breakfast cereal and tea- Because I don’t like coffee, freshly ground or not- I make my way back upstairs and get ready. I step into the glass enclosed steam shower, and hot water envelopes me from numerous shower heads. The water sure got hot fast. I must have one of those instant hot water heaters. Those things are expensive so you know I must be doing all right financially. I mean, look at this tiled bathroom. There must be a fortune’s worth of tile covering these walls, and the floor. Also, the floor is heated and that makes me think I have either solar panels on the roof, or no concern for paying for high energy bills.

The hot water is in endless supply. No matter how long I stand there, it never runs out. Obliviously I don’t stand there forever. I don’t want to use too much water. That isn’t good for the environment. My loofa is new which I appreciate and I have an ample supply of body wash- that means I have recently gone shopping or I have a very conscientious housekeeper. I would guess housekeeper because if I can afford all that tile I must be employing someone to clean it. That’s a lot of grout.
I pull a soft Egyptian cotton towel off the towel warmer and wrap myself in the cushiony folds. I make my way to the walk in closet in my room and select an outfit. When I am dressed I go back downstairs and walk through my living room to my office. Once I am in the office I get right to work.  Except, I don’t know what I am working at. I also imagine I don’t get right to work. I expect I would check my e-mail first. Then I would check Facebook and reply to urgent messages. I also like to check gossip websites and the weather so I’d do that before I got down to business.

I work for eight hours.  In this visualization I must have prescription for Ritalin because never in my life have I been able to work for eight hours straight. Plus I would have to stop to go to the bathroom and eat something. If not then Lord help the first person I saw when I came out of that office because I would be cranky!

In the evening before I make myself a simple meal, I go for a walk through the woods beside a creek with a little waterfall. I pet the neighbour horses and feed them some spare carrots. Again with the carrots?  
In the evening I read a book and watch a movie. I make popcorn and have a diet sprite with ice.  That is really specific. Why Sprite? I don’t really even like Sprite, and why diet? That doesn’t sound like me at all. But I guess it must be true since I am visualizing it.

I crawl into my bed and curl up and fall asleep quickly. Zzzzzzz………

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