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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I wore this week.

Because of some self-motivated initiatives, and because of the insistence of those closest to me I've been attempting to leave the house more and more. If I have a day all to myself with nothing to do but stare at the eggshell walls of this apartment, I try to leave. This necessitates getting dressed. I have also been busier going to meetings and seeing people, so I have to get dressed for these occasions as well. It is expected that these outfits have structure to them and seams and are not made entirely of cotton. In celebration and for personal reasons of notation, and obvious fan-boy fueled plagiarism,  I am going to describe my week by the clothes I wore.


I started my week as anyone would. By unzipping my latex sleep-cocoon and emerging in a fully pressed, and tailored tuxedo with a top hat and monocle. Just kidding. I get out of bed wearing the black silk pajamas my mom bought me for Christmas. I don't know why, but ever since I was little I always thought silk pajamas were so luxurious and sophisticated, and I've wanted them ever since I aligned myself with obtaining both of those adjectives. My mother finally caved, and in an act of pity or as a hopeful source of inspiration,  got them for me this Christmas. I was up early, because I my mother was coming to check on me. After several snooze-button presses and an accidental pocket dial at 6:30 (a feat for someone with a flip-phone) I got ready for the day. I had a meeting later on so I decided I should look snazzy. I picked a black polo shirt, and a grey sweater vest with the free jeans my brother, so generously,  gifted to me. I wore that outfit the whole day, changing into flannel pajamas around 11pm because it was chilly and silk isn't very warm.


My mom stayed over night and after we lounged and watched Canada AM (her choice not mine) I decided I should get out of my pajamas. Because nothing is as as comfortable as a pair of broken in jeans, I wore the same ones as the day before with a black Gap t-shirt and the maroon cardigan my mom gave me for Christmas because it was warm, and because I thought it was suitable. My mom and I shopped and visited all day and she went home in the afternoon. Because I can't say no to her, I agreed to go with a best friend to a work out class. This required a wardrobe change. I wore this old black zip-up, my purple Wilson Centre t-shirt and my black sweat pants. The class nearly killed me, and  when I got home I could hardly lift my arm to get into my flannel PJs.


I didn't have anything planned for Wednesday during the day, so although I did change out of my pajamas I didn't want to be restricted. I wore this grey-green XXL t-shirt I've have forever with my grey sweatpants until 6pm. In a plan to be more intellectual or to at least appear that way, my friend and I were attending a lecture at the University. The setting was an art gallery, a student art gallery mind you, but one none the less, so it was better to be stylish than not. I layered my purple checkered oxford style shirt under my grey wool v-neck sweater, with my fake Ray-Ban readers and dark blue Urban outfitters jeans that I need to wear a belt with but forgot to. The lecture mostly went over my head, but it was about Christian Dior and I felt stylish, which is what matters.


I had a meeting at my job in the afternoon, and because of a less than subtle suggestion that a person in my position should wear grey I chose to wear a black button up under yet another grey v-neck sweater. I wore my favorite black skinny jeans and two layers of socks because my feet get cold. The evening because I was heading over to my friend's house for supper I ditched the sweater-shirt combo and wore a Gap sweater.  I bought this sweater a few years ago and while I was wearing it I looked down and was surprised that it was blue and BROWN stripes and not as I pictured it in my head, grey. I guess I don't play very close attention.


I am going to sound like a big lazy bones, but I like it when I have absolutely nothing to do. When I have a free day, such as this one, I like to not get dressed and as disgusting as it sounds, not even shower. I wore my pajamas till late in the day until I pulled on a pair of jeans and black sweater and grey wool hat to go to the mall with my brother to browse for some things. After that it was back to the 'around the house uniform' I've created: snuggie over top of hugely oversized hoodie, sweat/pajama pants, and fuzzy socks.


I had to be up super early for my new favorite job, so I pried myself out of bed and tried to make myself look as writerly as possible. I wore my black skinny jeans again, with a grey v-neck t-shirt and my most professional type article of clothing, a black blazer I bought from Superstore two years ago for $6. I wrapped a blue scarf around my neck to distinguish my 'artsy' self from the 'bizness' types I would be spending time with and set out. I felt my outfit fit my work title, and I felt good about how I looked. Later, when I headed out to a movie I ditched the blazer and wore and extra thick coat to brave the cold weather.


Today was another lazy day which thankfully didn't require getting dressed up. My brother, who is so very nice to me, woke me up with my favorite breakfast of Starbucks and cookies and I enjoyed it in a monochromatic ensemble. I put on my grey Huskie sweat pants that I bought when I was 12, and a grey hoodie and my grey wool hat. I would be completely camouflaged if the walls were a shade darker. I had a lot of writing to get done today, so I was relegated to sitting at home to work. A task that would depress me if I wasn't so damn delighted to finally have reason to think it.

So there you go, my week in clothes. If I'm so inspired next week I might recount my days using the plate I used, or the beverages I drank. Lucky me; lucky you.

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Jill said...

YOU- went to a gym.. what the hell is happening to you?

STOP. Grab a pudding and sit on the couch.