Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MInd Games.

In the late hours of the night, when I am trying desperately to fall asleep I play games in my head in order to exhaust my mind. Sometimes I list my favorite movies, and books. I think of facts I've learned in magazines and articles. When I am feeling creative I design and decorate my dream house. When I'm angry, I hold imaginary confrontations with people. Nostalgic? I replay memories. And when I am sad, I play my personal favorite game: The "If Life was Fair" game.

It goes like this: you make a list of all the failure you've experienced in your life. Think back to all the times the people you've liked haven't liked you back, and the times your car has fallen down a hole, and you think about what would happen if life was fair.

If life was fair if you liked someone they would like you back and roads wouldn't open up to giant gaping holes in the ground. Everyone parent's would be millionaires, and have clear skin. You wouldn't need glasses, but you could pull them off if you wanted to look smart. You'd be born taller and slimmer, and you're hair would be manageable and soft without conditioner.

If life was fair everything would be fantastic all the time. But if life was fair, I wouldn't have a game to play before I fall asleep.

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