Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three to get ready.

I have a goal. No, not a real goal like getting full time job, paying my own way, and beginning my adult life. A silly goal that means something only to me and me alone.

Last year I wrote 94 (dreadful) blog posts. And like it or not, this year I have written 88 posts (including this one.) I am in a dead heat with myself and I am determined to beat last year's count. So to make it interesting I am aiming for 100 blog posts between now and the end of the year.

Sure I could phone them in, but I feel I should try to put some sort of substance into every post. And good for me (and terrible for you) I consider the wretched poetry I write to be substance. So because I am still accepting requests for personal poems, here is one I wrote about a very dear friend.

I have a friend that is witty and dry,
two parts beauty, one spit in your eye.
Her eyes are as blue as ocean or sky,
and often she catches me in a lie.

Friends, since before she knew any better
her words add depth to any script or letter
She has always been a real go getter'
I'm simply so glad to have met her

Grounded she is, which is surprising
Because through hard work, her stock is rising.
The stories she tells are tantalizing;
images she creates are hypnotizing.

She is polished, professional, neat.
Tell you a secret and not skip a beat
She can accomplish an impossible feat
No one better, will I ever meet.

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