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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three French Hens!

A Zany Shopping Adventure:

In the middle of the second night in my making movie magic that had taken over my life, I was perhaps visited by a Christmas spirit. That or I should cut that second glass of wine before bed. I was deep in a sleep, still wrapped up in my grouchy "all about me" character study, when I awoke with a gasp. Sitting beside my bed was a man watching me sleep. Of course I freaked out and hazily swung my sleepy fists in his direction but before I could make a connection he transformed himself into a pile of my clothes. Christmas Magic? Or insanity?

Or was this Christmas apparition trying to tell me something? Is this the instigating incident? Or is my subconscious trying to tell me put away the human sized pile of discarded clothing? It could be either.

I had a touch of trouble getting back to sleep, but since it is one of the few things I am good at, I eventually settled myself down. When I woke up this morning, dare I say I felt a little bit brighter? a little happier? Was this crazy Christmas experiment really working? Imagining myself as a character played by every 90s sitcom actor in a cash grab, was working. With this possible instigating incident out of the way I could focus on the day ahead. Involving a Zany Shopping Adventure.

Luckily I was not alone. My other sister, and my other sister from another mother (?) came in to accompany me. Or rather I tagged along with them since the roads here a slicker than (inappropriate language) and I didn't want to go out on my own.

The stores were packed full of Christmas shoppers, hurrying about their business and today I was one of them. Although I was buying things I couldn't afford I felt at peace with the Christmas that was fast approaching. Although the streets were muckier and there wasn't a jangling bell to hear, we did almost hit an old man while making a u-turn in a parking lot. And I think that bonded us much more than any stupid old bells.

Most importantly (and I am sure you are thinking the same thing) where is all this heading? When I talked to my other sister today about my project she made two interesting points. Firstly, and inadvertently, through her lack of reaction she confirmed that either I am a) crazy and should not be engaged or b) have been heading in this direction my whole life and that is why I have forced her to watch every terrible Christmas movie since I was five. Secondly, she asked me if it was going to be a romance. Because it is me, I scoffed and said "Hells no!" In a lot of the other made for TV movies, romance plays a very important part. But for me, my Christmas movie will be more "A Very Merry Muppet Christmas" rather than "Love Actually"

What I am hoping for (which will surely lead to utter disappointment later) is a tiny miracle. Where I hope my made for TV life is heading is towards something bigger and brighter than what I am living now. So far it seems to be going in that direction. Unless on Christmas Eve a green man steals my presents while I am up getting a glass of water. That would be a strange turn of events.

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