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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One the Second Day of Christmas

Day Two: The Element of Work at Play

Like any good Christmas movie, today was the one and only mention of employment occurring before Christmas. No, it's not that I have so much backstory to cover I can't devote more time to my job. It's simply I am under-employed. The character in my made for TV life is not a workaholic needing to reconnect with what is really important. My character is one that finds himself right where he wanted to be, and not particularly enjoying the view. It's more Bob Cratchit's work history, than Ebenezer Scrooge's.

Sticking hard to the spirit of living a made for TV life, I briefly considered carrying with me a clearly empty paper coffee cup with an undistinguishable label on it with me to work. But I woke up late, and since it is still early in the story I was still a real grouch. The morning montage would have me hitting my alarm clock six times with increasing hostility before I trudged off to the shower. The background music would have an upbeat tempo, and really cheap rights. Brush hair, brush teeth, get dressed, eat over the sink. Just like on TV.

But upon getting out to the car, I forgot all about my quest, and simply focused on not driving out of the parking spot with the extension cord still plugged in. Later, at about 3:00pm when I was leaving work, I chastised myself for being so absentminded about living life like a Christmas special. But then I remembered that the main characters are always out of the loop, and the last person to accept what is happening to them. The six year old I expect to have a heartfelt talk with later this week, while snowflakes drift from the sky, will clearly see the Christmas magic I am so oblivious to. Bouyed by my realization I went about the rest of my day as if everything was normal. I know everything isn't business as usual, there has to be a Christmas Angel working to get his wings around the next corner, But for now, I'm carrying on with business as usual. Turns out, I am pretty good at sticking to my guns, even if don't remember.

Looking back to my work day, I can clearly see where the story is heading. I definitely feel under-appreciated, and certain persons could easily be cast as a villain or antagonist to my life story. The work I was doing was of the menial variety, and the tasks I performed could definitely be strung together in a zany "This is so gross!" or "I'm not cut out for this!" sequence. The presentation was not mentioned, and I am thankful for that. But ever the lazy slacker, I didn't race home to finish it, so we'll see where that takes us. All in all the Work element of my made for TV life blended together quite nicely with reality. Today was more exposition, a setting of the background, pointing the audience in the obvious direction that I need to either move up or move out of the current working situation.

If I was clocking the progression of my story I would say we are really only fifteen minutes in. And most of that time is eaten by Snuggie commercials, and ads for compilation holiday CDs. There is a lot more coming, but I am desperately anticipating an instigation incident of some kind. I've scheduled one for either tomorrow or the next day but if one doesn't come naturally I am just going to have to make one up. We'll see. This is only the beginning.

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