Narcissit? Who me?

Friday, December 3, 2010

One for the Money

I wrote a poem for my brother. He liked it so he gave me $5

I have a brother- he is true and tall;
With the steadfastness of a retaining wall.
Should you meet, you’ll like him best of all
For near him you’ll be sure to have a ball.

Of his looks you can't say enough,
His will is strong and stern and tough;
His wit is charming; off the cuff
His presence, you simply can't rebuff.

All that's great, but is he smart?
A genius- he can fit the part.
Philosophically he is Descartes
With family, noble, bleeding heart.

Oh gracious, but can he work?
There's not a responsibility he would shirk!
And strong like great Greek hero Herc!
No lowly, simply cable jerk.

Dear Lord, but is he easy on the eyes?
Enough to cause the ladies' sighs!
With dark blue gems that hypnotize,
Enough to sell you tall tales and lies.

He is good, and fair and great
Honesty he will reciprocate.
Never a target for scorn nor hate;
and landlord of my uncertain fate.

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