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Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the Sixth Day of Christmas (late)

A Date With Destiny

Saturday was a long day. I think a day where you change locations more than once a long day. So when I started out the city, stopped by my parents house, and ended it sitting in a good friends living room, I consider it a marathon. More importantly, what I was trying to do all day Saturday was to keep the momentum of my mission at full velocity. Saturday was the halfway point. Some would consider to it be halfway through the events that are going to take place, but those people are wrong. A Christmas movie can be broken down in 12 days, but the most important events always take place right before Christmas. The climax is always Christmas eve, and the resolution soon after. So, if you've been reading these past few blogs, and wondering when the hell I would get on to an actual plot, and waiting for something interesting (and not introspective) to happen, you will just have to wait. As far as I am concerned things are just getting started, and as the holiday approaches I believe I will have much more to write about. Following the progression of the song, where at first there is but a single partridge it soon spirals into a cavalcade of of drummers and dancer, and milk maids. I can't wait.

A Date With Destiny is something at happens in a number of holiday fare. Someone is always somewhere at the exact right time in order to experience a moment of true revelation and wonderment. I wish I could say that I felt any one of those emotions, but I would have to be looking pretty hard to see any semblance of them. Yes, I was so happy to be seeing my dear old friend, and we always have so much fun when we spend time together. But sadly because of the hustle of the season I felt like I spent more time alone on a desolate highway than engaged in anything remotely life affirming. I know, I'm not being true to my obsessively optimistic holiday alter-ego, but I have to call it like I see it.

But halfway through this project I can look at day six and understand that maybe I was right where I needed to be on that dark cold stretch of pavement. Maybe, hijacking my parents van and heading out with few hours on the road by myself is my solum scene in a church. My date with destiny saw me driving towards an old friend, with plenty of time for self reflection. And who knows, this time of year, it might be exactly what I needed.

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