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Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the forth day of Christmas...

A Moment of Reflection.

Every character in a Lifetime original movie always has a moment where halfway through beginning they begin to open their eyes to the magic around them. And today I stuck to my guns, and became such a character. Sure it was harder for me to open my eyes to it because I don't have a script that tells me exactly what the magic surrounding me is doing. But I still tried.

My eyes opened this morning a little brighter than yesterday. Suddenly I didn't have the weight of everything I'm avoiding on my shoulders. Getting out of bed was easier, facing the day was totally acceptable. Could the Christmas magic be at work here? Was I having an easier time getting through the day because of the intervention of a Christmas Angel? Or has my brain clued in to the fact that I am a privileged spoiled brat that all in all has a pretty good life? We'll see!

I met with my friend and had a delicious lunch and everything was great. Even getting around the city was a delight, despite the terrible other drivers and the hellish road conditions. I am getting the hang of the wide eyed ingenue gambit played so well by forty something actresses with bills to pay. And because I didn't shower today I even topped off my costume with a silly woolen hat! Hows that for commitment?

The moment of quiet reflection came a little later in the day. Still not working on the assignment I should be finishing I became distracted by the tiny Christmas tree my Mom gave to me. Silently and with great care and attention I decorated the tree all myself. It was a beautiful moment. It would have been worthy of the Hallmark channel had the lights all lit up when I plugged them in. When I couldn't get them to work, the moment shattered and I ceased to be PG. Let's remember we are still in the beginning stages of the story, I'm not perfect. Not yet.

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