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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Number Nine and Feelin' Fine!

The theme of today was easy to think up. The hardest part about it was deciding when to place it within the twelve days. The earlier the better seemed to be the best idea, as I was pining ideas to dates as fast as I could think of them. Upon review, I changed the order more than a few times. I felt that in order to give my incoherent ramblings any semblance of order I should at least put some thought into structure and story.

Today's theme wasn't easy to place. Because it is broad, any significant detail of my existence could me assigned meaning. Which means if I happened to encounter a particularly slow day, this theme would come in handy. I picked today at random. I was somehow able to come up with something (meaningless) for the first eight days, and assumed today I would give myself an easy task. But, because it appears that this experiment is working, I was given more than I bargained for.

A Run in with My Past.

The TV movies usually have the male protagonist running into a old flame, a high school sweetheart, or the pretty female who is completely opposite of them when they explore past relationships. Mine, are slightly less sudsy, and as a whole, tremendously less dramatic. But around every corner today, I encountered my past.

The day started with my most recent past. The friend who came along a year ago, and changed my present to what it is today. In the past twelve months she has employed me, supported me, fed me, mourned my absence, trusted, and laughed with me. Eating lunch with her today reminded me of how different the present day was from last year and how much of it had to do with her. The run in with my most recent past was really a reminder of how lucky I am to have this very special friend.

The distant past was recounted when I had my visit with my oldest friend. This person was my friend, my only friend, through the trying times of my adolescence. Nobody knows where I am coming from more than her. Sitting with her today (after I woke her up!) I was reminded of the shear amount of history we share. We know the same people, places. We remember the same things. But what is so special is that we can share all this history, have this entire backstory to revisit, but more often than not we talk about things not related to it. She is my living, breathing, catalogue of my formative years, and I am so lucky to still have her in my present.

Speaking with a friend from far away tonight I remembered something from our shared past. Another run in, this time I was so very vividly reminded of just how spectacularly hilarious he is. Every minute in his presence is spent on the edge of your seat, awaiting the rapid fire of jokes and bizarre references. He is probably the funniest person I have ever met, which made this unexpected , and incredibly welcome (at least on my part) run in the most enjoyable.

Also, I was lucky enough to have contact with almost all of the major players of my personal history. Those that created my life and have so greatly influenced it. If that isn't a run in with my past, I don't know what it.

Overall, I fear that I am becoming the quintessential sappy bleeding heart from the movies that I so love. Because while previously I could mock their attitudes, and poke fun at their corniness, after the days that I've had all I can see is just how incredibly lucky I am. I guess there are worse things.

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