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Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Because I write this blog and therefore make the rules and set the standards it is true to form that I am writing this, my 12th Day of Christmas post on New Years Eve. Why? Because I like to procrastinate. Could I have found time over the past week in between stuffing my face with delicious treats, to spit out a few words to finish off my series? No.

Even now, as I lay on the couch, in the absence of those delicious treats but with the company of ten extra pounds I find myself at a loss for words. The melody of my brother playing Angry Birds on his iPad, with soothing squawks and crashes, does little to goad my brain into action. And just when I was on a roll too.

I am having such a hard time completing my goal is because my life doesn't have a nice ending tied up with pretty bow. At the end of a television movie, the music swells while snow falls and the credits roll. Afterwards, Melissa Gilbert goes home and drinks a box of wine in the dark. When my 12 days were over I had no such momentous occasion to mark the finale. The day ended but I continued to play my part.

So what conclusions can I draw from my experiment?

I am not sure. I can say resoundingly that I am very lucky. I can say that while I may not be extremely talented, I can say that despite what many would call lack of material, I can certainly craft something out of nothing.

Just like I did with this post!

So to everyone reading have a very happy New Year.

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