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Friday, December 17, 2010

I've got no Rings!

Impulsive Action

I racked my brain really hard to come up with today's element and a way that my life could correspond to it. I chose impulsive action because every character in a Christmas movie engages in some sort of impulsive action, and because I could reason that any action I performed could be considered impulsive. So I started my day thinking about what I could do that would be impulsive. Which is antithesis of impulsive. I was attempting to plan an impulse. So I let go and made my way out into the world.

Now usually, characters in movies are able to perform crazier feats that what I can currently afford. I can't give everyone that works for me a raise. Nor can I open an orphanage, or sponsor a choir. I can't even return the Christmas I've stolen, because it hasn't happened yet. These movie people have it easy. A made for tv life doesn't have a craft services table that ensures I will be fed. Therefore I can't buy all the food, nor can I quit my job. The rational that a Christmas angel will provide for me is too hard to swallow. I wish I could throw caution to the wind and quit my job, and write the next great novel, or become the next internet sensation but I am just too practical. And what does a practical person do to be impulsive? They get a haircut without planning it.

Yep. A haircut.

It is a sham of an impulsive action. Everyone gets haircuts. I needed a haricut. But what everyone should know is that I hate getting my haircut, and I agonize over getting it cut for weeks-putting it off and putting it off until I resemble Dorothy Hamill. But today as I was going to the mall to have another (less zany) shopping adventure, I swung by the old hair salon and got a haircut. And I cut it pretty short. Impulsive yes? Regrettable? Most likely. But I am sticking to my plan. I will become a character from my favorite tv movies. I am working on something. And although I my forget about it a hundred times a day, I am still able to write down something at the end of the day. And if nothing else come of that I still feel pretty good about it.

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