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Monday, December 20, 2010

Eight Ways to Milk It

Reaping the first rewards.

On the road to riches, one is bound to experience some bumps along the way. A slight setback. A moment where you question the validity of your quest. Melissa Joan Hart does it. Mary Tyler Moore has. I am no exception. But then there comes an events that makes you understand that things are looking up, that behind that single cloud of grey there is a bright blue sky. Today, I had one of those days.

Today I hoped form something to happen that would make me feel like I was accomplishing something. After my doubts yesterday, which confirmed the legitimacy of my quest, I prayed that today would give me something which I could call progress. And boy did I get it.

I spent the day shopping with my oldest brother. We had a list of very specific tasks to accomplish and not a lot of time. But was he stressed? No. The man oozes confidence and positivity. Taking a page from his book, I adapted his pleasant mantra and in return reaped the benefits of a great day.

Where ever we went we were greeted with happy, helpful people. People that took the time to recognize us as human beings, and went above and beyond the roles assigned to them in order to assist us. Ladies in supermarkets, waitresses, sales people, even medical doctors went above and beyond. The doctor even pausing in the elevator to give us advise on where to eat in the city. It was no ordinary day. The Christmas Spirit was palpable. It was also extraordinary.

I really have to give my brother all the credit. When he walked out into the world today he truly put his best foot forward. He presented himself as a happy positive person, and I have no doubt that the reactions we received were playing off of him. And it was amazing. Saying "Merry Christmas!" to strangers today was not out of the ordinary. It felt just right.

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