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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dog Days

I can't get to work. I have something that I am supposed to be doing and I can't wrap my brain around actually accomplishing it. I know I am being lazy. I don't often have work assignments and I really should be chomping on the bit to get this done, so I can get paid, but my brain is being disagreeable. All it wants to do is watch The Office and think about Christmas time and how it is just around the corner. It also likes to distract itself with irrelevant melancholy and teetering on the brink of absolute misery.

So instead of doing the work I should be doing, I am, instead, going to post this entry on my blog. It will count as one the 12 needed to grant my Christmas wish, and hopefully will get all my "complainies" out so I can hunker down and get to work.

Since it is the season, I have been watching a lot of terrible Christmas movies on TV and that has had an adverse effect on my mental health. Last night, as I was falling asleep I pictured myself as one of the clueless protagonists that desperately needs to be taught the true meaning of Christmas. In my fantasy, upon hearing my prayers regarding the sad state of affairs that is my personal and professional life, a Christmas Angel/Santa Claus/The Ghost of Christmas Past would appear before me and start me on an adventure to either change my life or make me see how good I have it. So deluded was I, that last night, I half expected to be somewhere else when I woke up this morning.

Is that a sign? Am I watching too many movies staring 90s television actors? Do I need to (once again) renovate my life? Or rather my state of mind?

I just don't know. But if you are reading this and are bestowed with magical powers. I hope you get into contact with me.

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