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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post- Post Entry

Thanks in large part to this competition I’ve been waging with myself over the past few days, or maybe weeks (everything blurs together) I’ve been trying to rally inspiration from my blank brain. You see, when I have something to write about, something that comes to me in the middle of the night, I can do the writing part pretty simply. I write the words and they come out. Things are easy, breezy and beautiful when I have a topic on conversation. But when I don’t things come out win a stutter. The exchanges my brain and I partake in are akin that a divorced couple would have if they meet each other on the street. Sure, they talk about the kids, or alimony, but they have no business getting any work done together. Sputtering incoherent sentences strung together by my hopes and dreams is all I am able to get out.

I have a few methods of dealing with my writer’s block. Not many work, but thankfully I don’t have anyone busting down my door demanding I write about my childhood or stupid things I do. But when I feel like writing and can’t get anything out it is handy to have a few techniques to fall back on.
Usually what I do is go to this little notebook I keep beside my bed and flip through the pages of illegible scribbling and chicken scratch till I find something that a) I can read and b) something that jogs some sort of memory or topic. But the notes I haven’t deciphered remain increasingly cryptic, and the phrases I’ve yet to trace through the rabbit hole only lead to dead ends. I suspect because write these things either in the middle of the night or right after I get out dripping wet, from the shower, I should understand that clarity is an issue. But what was I thinking about when I wrote “Salt and Pepper” in the margin? It’s frustrating and unhelpful.

A lot of what my second method entails is sitting around and waiting. It is a passive process where I expect the angels that watch over me to bless me words to type. What it allows me to do is sit in my pajamas and watch TV all day, read magazines, and drink tea, all under the guise that I am “working” on something, when really I am just kidding myself. But it makes it easier to sleep at night.

Today I went read on the Internet that some “creative” types use random word generators to help them think of things to write. It’s a neat idea that I thought I would try and so I did. I typed “random word generator” into Google and clicked the first link. It asked what type of word I wanted, and because I like persons, places, and things, I selected noun. “Cleaning” was returned to me. Cleaning? Nothing really jumps to mind other than the fact that I had to clean today because my friend was coming over, and that I often cleaned vigorously when I didn’t want to do anything. Not really riveting stories from my past, so I clicked again. Then I got a big red ERROR message. I guess that option was out.

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Scarlett Buttons said...

I really like option a)... it is a good choice.

and the error.

use this word sometime "gensubed"
(just cause)