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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's not about wall-to-wall carpeting...

It's about creating a space for yourself.

I have never been a light packer. I have never even been a moderate heavy packer. I am an over-packer. If there is an occasion where I have to leave my home for an extended period of time, and cannot return to it because of the distance of inconvenience, I plan for every possible contingency. Snow in July? I brought seven sweaters that i can wears as a bulky jacket. Spontaneous black-tie dinner party? I have a cravat stowed away for just such an emergency.

Have any of these situations arisen? No. But I will be prepared if they do. It is an insurance policy for my particular brand of crazy. It is also inconvenient, burdening, and most often a big waste of space. So, when I faced the prospect of moving again (for, like, the seventh time in 5 years) I vowed to change.

Seeing as my bedroom at my brother's apartment (A room I like to call his "Artist in Residence" suite) is small, I decided that I could live with less. Did I do a proper purge and rid my life of the complexities and storage issues that come along with keeping every finger-painting, and hand-me-down accumulated since birth? No. I left everything that I could possibly live without in my childhood basement, and focused on bringing the bare necessities.

What made the cut, you ask? Let's take inventory.

-Not one, but two, figurines of the Eiffel Tower. And (1) painting.
-A little red statue that I call "Asian Boy Haircut"
-An 8 1/2' x 11' framed photo of my grandmother and great aunt in a blizzard
-6 books I have read before and (1) I have not
-A cut-out of a Hippopotamus
-The 3 notebooks I use (not often) as journals
-1 Sheep-skin (faux) rug

It's these types of possessions that lead me to the conclusion that I am a complex individual. A complex individual that has no idea how to live in the real world.

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