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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charity Case!

So the other day my other sister (it never gets old!) was poking the fire in the fire pit as we were "shootin' the breeze" as they say and the topic turned to me.

"Daniel, did you tell your sister what you got?" my mom said.

My other sister immediately stopped poking at the fire and looked up at me.

"What did you get?" she asked.

And so I explained that my mom's friend, a very nice lady (like all the ladies my mom pals around with) had brought me out a special present. A happy little "just because" in the shape of a sparkling glass chicken.

"What?!" and "Why?" were some of the words that came rocketing out of my other sister's mouth.

And all I had was a single shrug. I didn't know why.

Just as my other sister was peppering me with queries, my sister, came over to join the conversation.

"What did Daniel get?" She asked, and when she found out she added, "Why does Daniel get everything?"

And it was true, My other sister returned to poking the fire (with maybe a touch too much enthusiasm) and the conversation turned to something else. Most likely how stupid we thought someone else was. We like that.

But later it got me too thinking. So I took two tylenol and hoped that the throbbing would stop. When it didn't, I followed that little yarn of thought back to the kitten (my brain) batting it around and came to this conclusion: I have a quality (a very specific quality) that screams "give me stuff."

It is a handy quality. Hopefully one day it'll lend itself to helping me become a trophy husband. But it is an odd quality when you look at it. I mean, everyone gets gifts. Everyone has a birthday and a Christmas. And in those respects I am probably on par (or perhaps even a little behind) everyone else when it comes to quantity of presents. What makes my quality special is that it attracts the "just because" present and the "thinking of you" type gift. I get things because "it was screaming my name" or it make the buyer "think of me." And this makes me very fortunate. Looking around my room I can't even begin to count how many of my (favorite) possessions are gifts from (my favorite) people. Useless pieces of glass, paintings, pictures, weird little statues, sweaters, figurines, stuffed toys, wallets, candy, sunglasses, watches, and ceramics of various (but mostly horse) shapes are all things that people have given me.

But how can I tell if my quality is actually just a big "Pathetic" sign, painted on my head? And even more worrisome, how can I afford to pay all these people back? And how long before people get sick of me and my gravy (boat) train ends. When do I become so annoying people can't stand it, and I am forced to stop tying my self worth to the gifts people give me?

It may already be starting. With my sister's fireside conversation, and today for instance when my aunt was talking about going through a store and she said and I quote: "All I heard was -Danny would love this! We should get Danny that!"

Uh. Oh.

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