Narcissit? Who me?

Friday, August 20, 2010

When it don't come naturally...

Sometimes I think to myself: "Wow, you are astonishingly handsome. They should put you on the cover of GQ!"

Other times, when I am sober, I try to think of things that I can write about on my blog. I have whole introductory sentences worked out in my head, but then I can never remember what they are and then I can't write anything. THEN I drink.

But anyways...

Let's talk about introductory sentences. I can't begin to write unless I start right at the beginning and write everything in order from then on. Sequentially. I can't skip and write the middle until I know what it is I am writing about. All through university I was taught to do otherwise. I was told that i should fill out the meat-y middle of my essays and reports and then go back and have the introduction correspond. I could never do that. If I had I would have just stated random facts about the topic. Probably with a lot of breaks and a lot of BOLD fonts. I think I need those to make my points. You should be thankful I don't use

ANY of those little tricks when I write me blog.

So instead of working on a subject and then organically letting an argument or point of view come about, I force it. I make every bit of data, every bit of fact skew towards the poorly researched argument I have outlined in my 5-8 sentence long introduction. Now, some people, that is to say, my professors, thought that this created weak arguments, and poor points of view, and they were right, but it has also helped me in many ways. Like how I am able to write an entire blog post about introductory sentences and in a very roundabout way, weakly link it to my introductory sentences; most of which I can never remember after I think then up.

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