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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dog-Sit, Cat-Nap

Tomorrow I am dog-sitting my sister's dog. Not to brag or anything but she is pretty much the best dog in the whole world. And not to get my hopes up, but I plan on wrapping her up in a snuggie, and watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show with her all day. She is a beagle and her name is Lily. But because we are so close I call her Willy. Or when she is bad (which is rarely) I call her Lillian. She is just the best dog.

I much prefer dog-sitting to babysitting. I don't like babysitting much. Why? Because when I have to make a dog lunch I don't have to ask what they want. They get the same thing everyday, a scoop of dog food. With kids you have to ask what they want, and what they like, and the parents get all upset when they find out all you gave them is a scoop of dog food. Plus it is way more likely that the dog will sit quietly, watching the zaniness of WJM-TV, kids want to watch kid's shows. Like Dora the Explorer. A show I don't like simply because of the strained rhyme in the title. I guess there isn't really a good name that ends with a hard "er" I would suggest Jamer, but it isn't that good of a name. But who says it has to rhyme?

Me. That's who.

Anyways, I am real excited about dog sitting. Is that sad? This is the highlight of my week. I get to dogsit. Then maybe next week I can look after my niece's ant farm while she is at the lake. I really need to lead a more exciting life. I should really be talking about parties I went to, or random sex I'm having, or something cool or dangerous. But no, oh no silly reader, you clicked this link. You get to hear me talk about dog-sitting.

I don't know who to feel more sorry for...


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Oh, Decker! You'll always be my number one pooch!