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Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog not ready to write.

So I have this terrible and annoying habit of getting overly sentimental when I get around to talking about the people in my life. Everything usually comes out sounding way too mushy and weepy and I think the people that read the stuff I post about them eventually get uncomfortable and self conscious about the way I talk about them. But since this was a special request I think I'll just go ahead and get mushy.

A good eight months ago I finished school with a useless degree and set out into the world with dreams of being a famous (and fabulous) art historian or becoming an overnight blogging sensation. Alas I didn't. I found a job that paid me for all the skills that I have (sitting, smiling) and one that taught me new skills (wheel-y chairs) It may not have been all that I wanted but it has been everything that I needed. And a lot of that has to do with my Boss.

There is something so wonderful and special about having a boss that makes you excited to go to work. Something genuinely terrific in having a boss you're glad to see coming to talk to you, and something unexplainable when you have a boss that becomes one of your very best friends.

I have such a boss and she is leaving today. But although I may not see her everyday, and she will no longer receive phone calls from me asking her mundane questions about work (Ie. Where are the pens?!?!) she will undoubtedly be getting mundane text messages from me asking her to entertain me while I'm at work.

So although I'd not ready to say goodbye to you in a professional capacity, I am excited for my friend, and the new chapter she is starting.

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browneyedgirl_341 said...

*tear, tear* Thank you my friend!