Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was doing this thing, about a week ago where I was going to make a post everyday and as long as I never said it out loud it wouldn't be a promise, and it wouldn't even be a statement. I was just something I was going to try and do, just to see if I could. Quality was exchanged for quantity and I was doing pretty good until I went home. When visiting my parents I sort of regress a little bit. I let them take care of me and feed me cookies, and I kind of get caught up in the lull. I just enjoy the pleasure of being at home, safe and warm, covered in cat hair, and I never think to blog. Never ever. The idea seems strange and foreign to me. I didn't take Alex (the name I have just now given to my computer) because it wouldn't fit into my pig-bag (it is a bag shaped like a pig. I've had it forever and my aunt made it for me) So in order to blog I would have to use my parent's computer. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but as it is getting close to tax season my father keeps guard over that room like a soviet soldier. I remember being younger and constantly being accused of stealing his papers, or moving them around. Nowadays he just accuses the cats.

Anyways since I accidently published the two previous posts with the title "Goals" I thought I would post something about an actual goal I had. I had a goal to publish everyday and I failed at it. I guess maybe failed is the wrong word. I wasn't committed enough to the goal, or maybe I am just easily distracted by other things. Although I think I just avoid the goals I set out for myself. I avoid doing them so I don't fail. Maybe that I why I never actually said I was going to post something everyday. Maybe it why I bought a canvas in November "To throw myself into my art" and only recently, and I am talking like, last week, took it out of the trunk of my car and drew some umbrellas on it. I set goals and then I forget them. Maybe it is for the best, seeing as one of my goals now is to start a kitten rental business for parties and birthdays.

I read on this other blog that there were some don'ts around the blogging community that said readers didn't like it when people apologized for not posting more often, or being late in responding to comments. Apparently people found these apologies boring to read and unnecessary. So I would like to take this time to specifically NOT apologize for the amounts of posts I am able to make and to NOT apologize for responding to comments. There you go. I am sure this was a riveting read because of that.

In other news I went tanning again today and the only real reaction I've received from this whole tanning thing is my mother leaning really close to my face and saying "My, you have so many freckles now" and the sales girl at the tanning place, who sees exactly three inches of my skin, from scarf to sunglasses telling me "You're getting so dark!" But I figured I've paid for the minutes so I might as well go there to take my afternoon nap.

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