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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clean Sheet Night!

Every so often, far less often than I would like (which would be daily) I have clean sheet night!

I take everything off my bed and wash it and then it is all clean and crisp and fresh and I take the extra hour it takes for me to properly make my bed the way I like it. It makes me feel so special. I remember being little and on winter days my mom would wash our sheets and them hang them outside in the cold fresh winter air and then bring them in and put them on our bed and the sheets would smell so good! I didn't do that today because I fear the the neighborhood hoodlums would steal my sheets and I would have nothing to sleep on and then it would be four in the bed in the room next door.

I even took the time to flip my mattress so there is a slightly less prominent Daniel-shaped hole in the middle. I mean it is still here and i can still curl up real good, but it is also easier to sit on the bed without sliding into it.

Here is to a good night sleep!

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