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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

blah blah bliggidy blog.

Aren't my titles adorable? I think so.

So last night I went to see a movie at the Roxy. Despite my fears of passing the safety zone of idelwyld drive I had a wonderful time. I went and saw "New York, I love you" and besides the fact that I was terribley confused for the majority of it, it wasn't half bad. Actually it was better than that.

I think my favorite part of the movie was the segement with Shie Lebeuf and Julie Christie. It was very very confusing and I was completely lost but I found it hilarious. I just looked it up and I foudn out it was directed by the same guy who directed The English Patient, a movie so long it nearly killed me, and a movie with two british actors that is both bored my mother and confused the hell out of her. I would like to take my mother to "New York, I love you" because she would ask so many questions about what was going on, ones that I wouldn't be able to answer that I am fairly sure she would get up and walk out of the theatre. I lvoe my mother dearly. So let's recap some of my favorite (and most recent moments)

Once I told my mom watch The English Patient with my sister. She was so confused that the happening of that evening have become legend. So when I was assigned to read The English Patient for my english class, all my mother could do was shake her head. Then one day the director died. This I told my mother and her responce was wonderful:

Me: Mother, the director of The English Patient died!
My Mother: Of what? Boredom?

I mean no offence by this. I am sure the movie was well directed, but if you know my mother this is her idea of a great, and rare, joke.

At Christmas time I recieved the movie Star Trek as a present from Santa Claus. I was very excited and so late on Christmas day I sat down to watch the movie with my mom and sister. My mom, knowing that we, expecially my sister, teased her about her inability to follow movies without asking questions, sat down and said: "Okay, I am going to ask a lot of stupid questions so just answer them and don't get smart." I just about killed myself but assured her we would explain everything to her because science fiction was not her favorite genre. The movie starts with a spaceship in outer space flying by a planet. I told my mother "that's a space ship in outer space" to which she replied "Oh, shut up!"

Then most hilariously after explaining most of the details of the movie (to many to mention and to not spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it) the next day while washing dishes my mom turns to me and exclaims " I still can't understand how there were two Spocks." She is a silly woman.


browneyedgirl_341 said...

Haha your mom is the cutest! New York, I Love You! What a smash hit, Shai made the movie! I wished we could have seen the movie attendants face when they saw the thousands of Skittles I dropped on the floor!

Jenn said...


Jenn said...

PS: Your mom is awesome.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the part where she asked, three quarters of the way through the movie, where Captain Picard was. That was the best moment for me!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, the anonymous quote was from me, your sister. I can't remember my Google account password!