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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution Revolution

So as many of the seven- now eight people - who read this blog already know, I am boycotting New Years this year. I am not being forced into the celebration, the excitement and the inevitable let-down that accompanies it. Instead I am sitting at home, wrapped tightly in a snuggie, and taking the time to reflect.

Its seems to me that I have accomplished a lot in the past decade. And, yes, it may not be a lot when you look at it in regular proportions, but this is my blog and we will use my scale to measure accomplishments! I started out the decade with frosted tips and look at me now, I have a sideways mullet! I know, not really an improvement, but the important thing to remember is to never stay stagnant. And I have strived to follow that rule. When I was twelve I am pretty sure my mom still bought my clothes for me, now, I just buy clothes with her money- change is good, radical change frightens me. When the decade began I was a child, and now I am a child in a grown man's body, who has managed, through blood sweat and tears, to firstly, complete a high school education, and go on to spend thousands of dollars on a useless, if not interesting, degree. That is an accomplishment.
I have also managed to make at least three more friends in the past ten years and I am pretty sure I have also managed to retain some of the information taught to me by television, movies, and, I guess, my schooling. I've gotten taller. I have moved away from home. I switched from reading Harry Potter books to watching Harry Potter movies. I have gotten a bank account (and drained it) I got my license and I have had two cars. I now like shrimp. I have had ten more christmases, and ten more birthdays. I can buy cigarettes, porn, lottery tickets, and booze, all of which was a lot harder to get ten years ago. I have moved four times, and lived with 8 different people. I have had 6 different jobs and lived in five different houses.

I think I have learnt a lot abut myself. Ten years ago I was an awkward and nervous and twitchy kid, who was forced into joining cadets and who watched a lot of Scooby Doo. Now I am a slightly less awkward, a touch less nervous, more twitchy, twenty something who still watches a lot of television, of a better (at least I hope) quality.
So reflecting back on all the changes in the last ten years, I only hope to make more changes in the future ten. Here's hoping!

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