Narcissit? Who me?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Personal Ad

Completely Average SWM, 22 yrs seeking above average person to engage in television quality (ie. unachievable/ fantasy) comedy-touched romance. Must have job or be extravagantly wealthy and not cheap. Must be accepting that I will want to maintain my own residence and schedule, and understand that I may not want to see them all that much. Ideal mate with find watching television all day "an adventure" and watching kitten videos "engaging." Must also be able to spend whole days in pajamas.

Candidates may also be advised to not appear too funny ( as is own, personal territory) but witty, well read (but not as well read as me), flair for adventure (no skydiving) and have the ability to select the perfect restaurant every time. Must like pie over cake.

Stupid persons need not apply.

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