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Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Days

I haven't updated since November. Even as I type these words I have trouble believing them! No! It can't be December already. Usually around this time of year I am full of holiday spirit and glee and I cannot wait for Christmas to come. I like to wake up to the darkness outside and the glint of light on snowbanks. But this year, NOTHING! I have no holiday spirit. All I have is a nervous twitch from with holding scathing remarks from paying customers at work.

Usually I can't stop watching really cheesy Holiday movies where someone finds love, or misadventure but makes everything alright by Christmas morning. But not this year.

As well all know everything that is good about something is the anticipation. Christmas is the same way. But what will my Christmas be like if I don't even feel it coming? Will I be happy? Will it even matter? Has it finally happened? Have I grown up?

I always promised that I wouldn't grow up. I would keep the Christmas spirit within me for all of my years. But I guess I never figured I would be working in retail during the holidays. Last year I took a mental-health month and I think it is the only thing that really saved me. This year with rent to pay- and the option, frankly, not on the table, I have been forced into working the holiday season. I know it is lame to complain about working over the Christmas holidays when so many people need work, or would love to work, and so many people that have less than me are able to find the Christmas spirit, but they don't write this blog. I do.

I will try to find my Christmas spirit. If not, I will at least try to stop complaining.

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