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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breaking News!

Shocking developments have shocked the shopping public of a downtown shopping center when, outraged by both customer rudeness and stupidity, local service attendant ****** ****** (Name redacted) went ballistic on the crowd of gift certificate shoppers!

The maniacal mall worker threw himself into a tantrum, and as one bystander put it "ranted and raved about capitalistic greed and materialism." All the while shredding gift certificates and shattering the chip card reader into a thousand pieces.

William Smith (not his real name), a materialistic gift certificate shopper, was the customer who brought upon the entire incident. Smith, who can only be described as an old bastard, refused to show photo id for his credit card purchase, even though a posted sign outlined mall policy was shown to him. William Smith had his id with him, in fact, had it in his hand when the transaction was occurring, but was perhaps growing senile with his obvious old age, or as the attendant took it, was getting off on being an asshole or, "old curmudgeon." Only after curt conversation with his, no doubt unfortunate wife, did Smith begrudgingly hand over his driver's license. But, alas, it was late.

The short fuse on the sensational-seeking-service worker had been lit. ****** withheld the customers id and began playing the "It's right here, grab it game" with him. He then threw it over his head into a nearby store and then grabbed his gift certificates and began the shattering and shredding. Mall security had to physically restrain the gesticulation-guest servicer, and haul him away while he muttered a chilling "Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas." repeatedly.

As of yet no charges have been set.

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