Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

So I am going to follow up that inspirational, and completely out of character-hopeful post with one where I whine and complain.

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back? I do.

I feel like there aren't enough opportunities I take advantage of.

I think it is a common theme for a lot of people, not just me. Is this what being a twenty-something is like? I sure hope not. I am really really worried about everything. My future, my parents, my waistline. Everything.

But I hope to turn it around.

Oh, I should mention that Jill is a really awesome person. No lie.

And on a completely unrelated note, aren't flannel pajamas sexy?


Kaelyn said...

I didn't quite read that long-winder inspirational and completely out of character, hopefuly post yet. However, I would like to know why Jill is a really awesome person (not that I don't believe him Jill. I'm just curious why you got the shout out). Also, flannel pajamas are not sexy.

Kaelyn said...

Jeez. I should start to proofread my comments. I'm not a crazy bad speller. I'm just tired.

S. said...

I respectfully disagree Kaelyn they are very sexy like a flannel wrapped present and they are quite fuzzy and warm to boot.

Lightning O'Shief said...

Jill was worried I was keeping an "I hate Jill" Journal. I wanted to throw her off my trail.

She also happened to be wearing flannel pajamas.

Ashton said...

love you.