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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waffles, Crochet, and Me.

We're a tight knit (pun intended) in this blogging community. Tonight I am sitting in a room while two talent blogger friends of mine ( Check them out: here and here.) practice the ancient art of the crochet!

I decided to sit this one out because I am not allowed to touch the needles. Actually I don't have the mental capacity to handle both holding the needles and remaining upright. I have never been a particularly crafty person. I have trouble with hand eye coordination, and mostly the discipline to stay "working" on something.

Although I must say that if we had a pipe cleaner crafting night, I could wow with my pipe-cleaner-horse making abilities. I made a mean pipe cleaner horse when I was little. It's a Dalman family tradition. My mom taught me many years ago in a effort to keep me from coming back to bother her with a straightened pipe cleaner every five minutes.

But I am not really into this. so BRB.

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Jenn said...

Goodness, the blogs you linked to are so witty and entertaining! You are very fortunate to have such clever friends!