Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegitar-I am.

So this past weekend after maybe one or two cocktails my dearest friend Ashton (Check out her blog here!) challenged me to become a vegetarian for two weeks. Since I never back down from a challenge (Much like Col. Mustard) I have given it a go! And really it is not all that hard. I simply do not eat meat. Really. That is all there is. Now it should be said that, in the interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle one should probably research protein supplements and healthy vegetarianism, but I, for the most part, have simply stopped eating. Which helps me on another challenge - making my pants a little looser.

I have, however, experimented more with eating my fruits and veggies. And since this is only my third day as a vegetarian I find my willingness for discovery more encouraging. I ate a vegetable samosa today and it was delicious, and I have stopped eating at the food court and packing my own lunch. Yes, I know that these sound like accomplishments for a second grader, but for me it is a big deal! I haven't packed a lunch in forever, and I haven't enjoyed grocery shopping as much as I have in the past three days ( just to keep count I have gone three times in as many days) It is sunnier in the vegetable aisle. I like it there. Although I was frightened when the sprayer come on to wet the fruit. I jumped a little. I was looked at strangely. Especially when I returned not but a day later and the same thing happened.

I have 11 more days. I just try not to think of bacon.


Jenn said...

Bacon is the candy of meats!

Jillian said...

Bacon Bacon Bacon

ps: for sunday, when you get home we are having bacon for supper- hope that's okay