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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Haircut? Or Hair-Massacre?

I hate having my haircut. It makes me uncomfortable having someone (a complete stranger!) shampoo my hair and dry it. "I have hands! I would like to use them! I do it almost everyday!"

Then they have the awkward conversation about what "we" are going to do.

"Well I plan on sitting here hunched over. I assume you'll be doing the cutting. Or would you like me to cut your hair instead? Cause I'm not paying for that!"

Then you tell them not to cut your swooped bangs because you like it and you hide behind it and you point out specifically where you don't want them to cut and then they say they are just going to "Give it a little shape" and by this they mean "Practically decapitate you!"

Every time I get my hair cut I come out looking essentially, like I did when I had my kindergarden pictures taken. The girls always part my hair weird, and fluff it out and with the freckles and the high voice I look like a very tall five year old.

And don't you hate it when there is hair down your shirt?

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