Narcissit? Who me?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyone deserves a holiday

Yes, internets, even I need a break from all the mediocre jokes, the blatant plagiarism, and the just plain hassle of writing this opus. I am not even on a schedule and still, I feel daunted by the task of writing a blog. It is not like I have hoards of readers on the surge of uprising, urging me to give them just one sentence, a single line, or brilliant thought, to feed them a morsel of my mind through this channel. I don't. But I still feel that there is an amount of pressure put on my by signing up for this free blog service. Like I made an agreement between me and the nice people of Blogger to supply them with content. I don't always like to though. I don't know why.

So I took a month off. Regrouped. Recouped. Revitalized. Regurgitated. Refrigerator. Ready to take on the new challenges of writing a blog read by a group of people lesser than or equal to the number of fingers on your right hand. It is a brave mission, don't I know it, but it is one I have chosen to accept.


Jenn said...

Hey. You have six followers. I've only got five fingers on my right hand.

Lightning O'Shief said...

I am pretty sure Kaelyn is listed twice.

Anonymous said...

I am not listed but I read it!