Narcissit? Who me?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sometimes it seems the Universe is Listening.

I have, on occasion, spoken to the Universe and in these conversations I have asked for many things. I have asked for fortune and fame, wealth and money, adoration and abundance, and so far -Pffft! Nothing. So I came to the conclusion that the Universe wasn't listening. But I think I might be wrong about that. All my life I have said that I love to sit. It is listed on my activities section of my Facebook profile. Right at the top actually. Maybe it is under stationary activities but still there is a point. I said that I like to sit. So along with the wish for money (that involved me, my friend, moonlight, a blade, dirt, and a loonie) the Universe has created the job that I am currently working at. My job at Guest Services practically requires that I remain sitting for up to six hours at a time.

Then there is my living situation. I wanted so badly to leave the place I was living in because what was once my home was being turned, ever so slowly, into a hyper-organised couple den from hell. And low and behold two very good friends of mine purchase a home and offer me shelter. It should be noted that I asked the Universe for a house to live in, but I guess I was specific enough on exactly whose name would be on the mortgage. Still it is something. I asked, it was provided for.

Back to my money situation. I asked for a lot of money (so much I was ashamed to admit it to my friend) And so the Universe decided to get me started and in the week that has followed I have worked more hours at my two jobs than I have ever worked in my entire life. 48 hours which is a lot for me, someone who, only a year ago felt overwhelmed with his art class and 15 hour work week.

Now is this enough proof that the Universe is listening? I don't know. If I wake up tomorrow in my fabulous beach house, with a Mercedes in the pebbled drive, and money in my Dior pocket, then I think it might be. Otherwise everything is a coincidence and I am just trying to make a picture out of scattered dots.


Jenn said...

You forgot about the Becel container used for scooping.

Keri said...

I like making pictures out of scattered dots. When I am bored, I like to stare at my arm and see if the moles there look like anything like what the ancient Romans or whoever did when they looked at the stars. Of course, I think they were on a lot of drugs when they saw those pictures up there, so you might want to try that. But don't tell mom I recommended this!