Narcissit? Who me?

Friday, July 10, 2009


I just realized that although I own approximately 30 throw pillows, and an equal number of both pants and shoes I have failed to come into ownership of anything that is actually useful. Like for instance I do not own one of those little toothbrush covers to cover your toothbrush when you travel. I also do not own a to go mug. I think to myself every time I go somewhere " I wish I had a toothbrush cover!" and "I wish there was a way to take this coffee with me when I go! But mugs don't have lids!"

It is seriously THE most frustrating thing ever!


Kaelyn said...

I also don't have a toothbrush cover thing and I really want one. But whenever I see one in the store, I either think "Oh, I don't actually need that." or I can't find one that I like... like as if there is some magical toothbrush holder that's just fantastically beautiful and I'm holding off on buying one until I find 'the one'.

Jenn said...

Kaelyn, that's how I felt about toasters. Then one day my parents gave me a toaster oven.

Eventually, stuff works out.

Kaelyn said...

Yeah but toasters are so much more important than toothbrush holders.