Narcissit? Who me?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have a pretty interesting job now. I work at guest services at a mall. Although my title should be classified as working with the clinically insane.

You see not many people come to guest services. A few come to buy gift certificates, some come ask directions to The Body Shop (which is located mere feet from where I sit) and some people call and ask for the phone number for Telus (apparently it isn't listed)

But the majority of my time is spent talking to or keeping a close watch on "suspicious peoples"
Like just now, for instance, I had to ca;; security because a guy ( one of particular shadiness) was walking around the mall with a live crow on his shoulder. And besides the fact that the bird is probably riddled with disease (not to mention the shoulder on which he was perched) having birds in the mall is scrictly prohibited (unless you are the ghost of Pirate Captain)

Or just now when a fellow asks me where to get change and I say "Right here!" and he says "Give me 63 loonies."

Sorry sir... we don't have that many of those kind.

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