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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Conversation Starters.

If you believe in heaven, what do you think it will be like? 

Well, I do believe in heaven so I can answer this question. (If asking this question at a party, prior to asking ask all the heathens and atheists to leave the room. Tip: tell them Dan Brown is signing autographs in the kitchen) 

When I first picture heaven I always think of clouds and angels, and a big old guy sitting on a golden chair. No matter what, I always picture this. This is the traditional view of heaven instilled on me from hours of watching television. But this isn't what I think heaven will be like. My personal version of heaven won't be so boring. Like, I am sure clouds are fun and all but I really don't think that building cloud-men, and making cloud "angels" could keep me entertained for all eternity. Nor do I think it is exactly paradise. 

I like to think of heaven as a place where you get to do whatever you want. It looks like whatever you want and is filled with everyone you want it to be filled with. It would be a place where their are no limitations to what you can do. If you want to become rich and famous in heaven ( and subsequently get a DUI) you can! If you want to go back to that particular moment in high school and say that incredibly smart comeback (the one you thought of 2 minutes too late) to the high school bully, you can! If you want to go back and see your birth, your death, or what exactly the color of your mother's eye are, it it possible. You're never lonely, or sad, and you know that every moment you experience is pure bliss, never endangered by fear of it ending. 

That or it is a cookie factory with an unlimited amount of milk, and you never get full, or fat!

Alternative Conversation Starter: 
After murdering your worst enemy you must bury him in either your front lawn or you back yard. The bark yard if filled with angry scorpions that will bite you constantly while you dig the hole. However they won't kill you, but the pain will be tremendous. The front lawn is well lit, even at night, and your next door neighbor is on the police force, three days away from retirement. Where do you choose to bury the body? Also what footwear would you choose (be specific)? 

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Ashton said...

i like this conversation starters! that's a good blog idea. also i like your alternatives haha i might use those instead xoxoxoxoxoxo