Narcissit? Who me?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Conversation Starters.

In this feature of the blog I will answer questions from a box of conversation topics that I bought at the bookstore called "Table Topics." I will also feature my own topics of conversations that I hope will transform any evening from graveyard to barnyard. Or something equally clever. 

Topic: What do you miss about childhood. 

Answer: I would say napping but I still do that. So I would have to say the complete lack of responsibility... wait. Blowing bubbles? But, I did that last week. Giggling? Negatory.Okay, I think I would have to miss the homemade cookies... no still get those (being the youngest is sweet). I would definitely say having the ability to fit in very small holes. Hide and seek was so much easier when I could fit in a dryer. 

Alternative Conversation Starter: How many prescription drugs are you on? For what? 


Jenn said...

You have Table Topics? I totally want that!

Kaelyn said...

Well Jenn you should have come to supper then. Also the food was really good.

Keri said...

I do miss the cookies... no one bakes for me - being the youngest girl can kind of suck. Mom figures I can make my own cookies now, I guess!