Narcissit? Who me?

Monday, May 11, 2009

10 things you'll like about me!

So a little while ago a literary agent/ book editor told me that I was too concerned with myself in all my writing and that nobody cares about me and never would. That book editor obviously didn't know that I have 6 followers on a much buzzed* about blog. And since the title (which I recently changed) is Confessions of a Narcissist (because of my so called "self-obsession") I am writing a list of 10 (a random number) of things that make me interesting. 

1) I speak limited French
2) I have a blatant disregard for personal finance
3) I have a cat.
4) I am really good at rhyming 
5) I am funny (No, not funny looking) 
6) I can't carry a tune but I still try! 
7) I give people enduring nicknames. 
8) I am the world's worst sales associate 
9) I am the youngest of 6 children and have all the personal baggage that that entails. 
10) One time I got my foot stuck in a bus door! 

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