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Monday, April 6, 2009

You know what's the worst?

Mondays are pretty bleak around the Dalman residence. I have my postmodernism class, and even though my facebook status states I am a postmodern genius, I don't enjoy that class. It was long and boring, and I always felt like I didn't belong. People were really into art in that class. I like it and stuff, but it is not my world.

So the only dim light of my Mondays is checking for the featured house plan of the week. But I am so disappointed if I have already seen it, or if it is no good. Stupid internet letting me down!

I also sometimes work on Mondays, and I don't get home till after four and I work at five-thirty so I hardly have time to squeeze in a nap in between.

My life is so hard. But at least Postmodernism is over. Not actually, because an artistic movement can only be defined after another has taken its place. But the class, Silly.

That would have killed in ArtH 358.3

In other news: I am done my last paper. EVER!

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brit said...

i am so sorry to leave you in that horribel class bad..