Narcissit? Who me?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So today I was at an all time high. I was headed to write a test on my last official day of classes. I was prepared for this exam, I had a really interesting and original idea to write my essay on. My marks are good enough in the class that I passed without even writing the test. The professor likes me, I had prepared the night before. And even though I kinda need a haircut, my hair was looking good, and I think I lost some weight due to the stress of my last couple of weeks. I was confident for once in my life as I walked through the bowl, taking in every sight. Climbing the stairs to the Murray building for, perhaps, the last time and...

I trip over my own feet and fall flat on my stomach on the landing of the stairs while three or four of my classmates watched from down below.

Thanks Universe. For every time you give me something that resembles confidence and self assured-ness and quickly riping it away to remind me that I am still me.


Jenn said...

AGH. I am weeping tears of embarrassment for you.

Jillian said...


I did the same thing a couple years ago, only it was on the Commerce steps and I had hot tea, which inevitably spilt all over myself. So, don't feel like a tool.

Well, maybe feel like a little bit of a tool