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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back By Popular Demand: Fortune Stick of the Day!

Since there was an uproar due to the fact that there was no longer a fortune stick of the day feature, I have decided to bring it back. Today I will feature three fortunes sticks with analysis of all three! 

Here we go! 

You will argue over a minor subject. 

This is strange because I never usually discuss children, or their issues. Maybe I am pregnant...

Good things are being said about you.  

No, Duh? really fortune sticks? Look who you're talking about. It's me! People are always saying good things about me! But, thanks for the confidence booster? 

A long sought position will soon be yours. 

Like what? Missionary? 

1 comment:

Kaelyn said...

Yay! The fortune sticks are back! Also, I wouldn't exactly call texting you and saying "what happened to the fortune stick of the day?" is really an "uproar".