Narcissit? Who me?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The New YOU!"

"Like the old you, but better, and not as ugly. "

So ye ol' blog has been garnering a lot of attention as of late. Comments, new readers, I am really on the road to being famous. (Actually I have two comments and I told my sister to start reading...or else)

But since some people have expressed some interest in my last post, and asked such nice questions I have decided to reward not answering.

You see I have been doing a lot of research on famous bloggers, and stuff like that, and I have found that in order to become a real name in the blogging community I have to keep a certain mystique surrounding myself. I can't addressing questions about whether or not I took my pants off in a class with 20 other people. That would take away my mystery.

In my Art History classes we learned a lot about how the most famous artists had persona's. (Salvador Dali had to of had some reason for his moustache.) So I want one too!

Why even my dear Dorothy Parker had a persona. She was a wit, wise cracker (although she said she wasn't that bright, she was merely a smart-cracker) and had a reputation for being quite nasty. So I simply have to craft my own persona and because I am not good at being nasty I think I will be mysterious. Although I think I will leave my facial hair out of it.

*Keri you better comment
*As should the rest of you.
*Also you should click the "Follow this Blog" button because I only have one follower :(


Anonymous said...

I didn't know people who didn't have blogs could be 'followers'

Scarlett Buttons said...

:) i'm a follower!
don't worry.. your my only one too...

Keri said...

Comment. There. I did it. Now stop harassing me! ha ha! Just kidding. I like your blob, or whatever you call it!