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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ghost Cat

Okay, so I have a cat. I like her. Her name is Olive, and at the end of the day she is probably my best friend (Sorry Whoopi) (I have an unnatural bond with Whoopi Goldberg. I love her) Olive happens to be the person/thing that I spend most of my time with, so I am often used to her presence.

So the other night when I was crawling into bed (alone...) and I felt Olive curl up beside me and start purring, I wasn't alarmed enough to open my eyes. When I reached my hand down to scratch her little head, and felt only a blanket I wasn't perplexed. Olive often burrows into things: blankets, rugs, hearts etc. So I laid in my bed and was thinking about my day (and other stuff...WINK) I put my hand other the blanket where Olive was and I still couldn't find her. I could hear the purring, and feel the vibrations. But since I live with a Thermostat Nazi whose core temperature is equal that of an active volcano I have a multitude of blankets on my bed. I reached under the next layer, and she wasn't there, and then I reached under the next layer and she wasn't there. Then I thought she was under my bed, and I bent my head over to peek and she wasn't there either. Then I heard her in the kitchen attacking her bag of food.

So, if you read the title of this blog you see I have come to the only possible conclusion: Ghost Cat. Not as funny as Ghost Dad (Staring Mr. Bill Cosby) or as romantic as regular Ghost, but still something quiet troubling.

Or I could be crazy!

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