Narcissit? Who me?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

From the Horses lips, to my Ear.

When it comes right down to it;
and even when it doesn't.
I always try to stick to it
cause what would happen if I wasn't.

Wasting, whining, getting my way.
It is just a matter of asking
Sunshine, apples, rolling in hay.
Life's always double tasking.

So which to were, and not to witch
Rolling dumplings in you hand.
You've got to learn to bait and switch.
and never face the band.

Pencil, Iron, Koo-Koo Clock
Double Double and a bran.
We've got to cut the small talk
and quit staring at the Fan.

That Life's a Bitch.
I simply cannot stand her.
Cut and so and itch.
We've got a double stander.

Medium is the message
So what is left to Large?
No one is in the Vestige
exactly, Whose in charge.

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