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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things.

So there has been this thing floating around facebook where you post 25 things about yourself and then tag 25 people that you would like to know more about. That is alright and dandy but I thought why limit it to 25, why not limit it to the four people who read this blog! (Also no one wants to know anything about me because I was never tagged)

Here goes!

1) When I go grocery shopping I buy food that I am in the mood for right then and there, I don't take a list or anything. Then when I get home I don't want any of the food that I just bought so I go to a restaurant.
2) My favorite thing to buy in the whole entire world is pants.
3) I predict the future with playing cards.
4) I love sheets. I have like 5 sets of sheets for my bed.
5) I am not sure if I can think of 25 things about me.
6) I am afraid of lizards because I think they want to crawl into my mouth. I dreamt about it
7) The feeling of sand on my feet makes me want to vomit.
8) I remember faces and names really well. If I met you once four years ago I would remember you! Sometimes we don't even have to meet. I know the name of people on my bus and I have never spoken to them, but I remember them.
9) I am really good at 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.
10) I am one of two students in an exclusive texture class that involves feeling things that are really soft, rough, or have interesting feels to them.
11) Once, while sitting with friends, they kindly pointed out that I was singing. It then dawned on me that I had been singing all day and never realized it. This explained the weird looks I got on the bus.
12) I want to either move to another country or move back to my parents house. I can't decide which I want more.
13) I buy every issue of Hello Canada that has Victoria Beckham on the cover. I don't know why. I think if I don't I will have bad luck.
14) If I counted all the people I have lived with it would be 12-going on 13
15) I am really superstitious. Like pull over on the side of the road so I can knock on a tree after I say "knock on wood" and there is no wood in my car.
16) I am extremely ticklish. Everywhere. Like my fingers are ticklish. Keely thinks it is a mental condition.
15) I mimic the people I am with. It is unintentional, but I copy their speech patterns and mannerism. I think this is why people get along with me so well, or conversely hate me.
16) If I chew gum on the bus I get sick
17) I have received 23 rejection letters from publishers and literary agents. Apparently having no taste is a requirement for their line of work.
18) I lost a button off my coat today.
19) I have really horrible balance, so I push my way onto the bus to get a seat. It is really better for everyone because I would just fall on them.
20) I routinely judge books by their covers, people by their eyes, and houses based on their window treatments.
21) I daydream a lot. I tell really long involved emotionally charged stories in my head. They go on for days. If you ask me I would tell you all about them. Currently I have one bouncing around the ol' noggin about a girl that meets an older man, and they happen to be sulfates. She is torn between the love for him, and what everyone else thinks about her. He feels guilty about taking away her youth. Don't worry they end up together.
22) I would much rather sit wrapped up in my bed alone, watching a movie, than go to a bar.
23) I have a folder of letters, folders, lists, and secret materials that can be opened after my death. Although I told SOMEONE about this and then had to hide it, so if i do die, it may never be found. Yes, I said if.
24) I woke up this morning to Olive licking my head. It was weird.
25) I tell people that I love them all the time. I always mean it.

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